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Personalised Me To You For Her Poem Book

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Our Personalised Me to You For Her Poem Book is a thoughtful and sentimental treat for that special Mum, Gran, Step Mum, Aunty, Sister...

On the cover the words 'WHY' and 'IS THE BEST' are fixed. The book can be personalised with a 'name from' up to 12 characters (please note that the 's is fixed). It can also be personalised with a 'role' e.g. Mum, Gran etc up to 12 characters (this will appear twice on the front of the book - e.g. after 'WHY Lucy's' and after 'IS THE BEST').

The text is case is sensitive and will appear as entered, except for the 'role' which will automatically appear in UPPERCASE. Please avoid entering your text in all block capitals as this may result in the text being difficult to read. The book can also be personalised with a message over 3 lines of up to 40 characters per line, that features at the end of the poem.

This message will automatically appear in UPPERCASE. Both name and role will feature on the front cover of the book and can also be seen in each of the illustrations running throughout. This adorable book measures approximately 20cm x 20cm.

All story books contain 28 pages. The full poem reads as follows - (NAME FROM)'S (ROLE) is the best (ROLE), that anyone could wish for... She's kind, caring, fun, sweet, generous, loving and much, much more! She's always there whenever you need to get things off your chest... she's full of fantastic advice AND HER HUGS ARE JUST THE BEST!

Whatever (NAME FROM)'S (ROLE) is doing, she always looks so glamorous... Rain or shine, whatever the time, she's absolutely fabulous! when you're least expecting it She'll treat and surprise you... her cooking tastes spectacular and she makes a cracking brew! (NAME FROM)'S (ROLE) keeps a sparkling home and her work is never over... It's no wonder sometimes she loves to take 5 minutes on the sofa! She'll turn her hand to anything to try and help you out... a woman of many talents THAT YOU NEVER KNEW about! (NAME FROM)'S (ROLE) smells like flowers and she loves a nice, hot bath... She likes to take (NAME FROM) shopping and they have such a great laugh! Someone you can always rely on, the best that you will find... (NAME FROM)'S (ROLE) is amazing, a real one of a kind!

Height: 20.2 CM Width: 19.8 CM Depth: 0.4 CM